About us


We rent Pilates studio space at the Elevate Cooperative in Chelsea. Our goal is to serve students of all abilities and ages by facilitating positive change and growth in their bodies, minds and beyond. Using modalities from Pilates, physical therapy, biomechanics, & fitness training, we treat our students as equals: learning together the ever-evolving language of movement known as Pilates.


We focus on Pilates as fitness, body awareness, and self-improvement. Our workouts will challenge you, both physically and mentally. More than just about attaining a physical aesthetic, our methods can help you to learn about yourself and how to move: safely, efficiently, and with inner strength.


PSL Pilates: Pilates as a Second Language

@ Elevate Cooperative

32 West 28th St, 4th Floor

New York, NY 10001

Tel: (929) 314-CORE (2673)

E-mail: pslpilates@gmail.com